Taylor Bartram

I’m Taylor! A San Diego based boudoir photographer passionate about empowering women. I’ve spent the past few years shooting weddings, while it was great- I wasn’t fulfilled. I realized this lack of fulfillment stemmed from not pursuing my ultimate purpose in life; empowering women. I decided to take a leap of faith and stop shooting weddings and fully commit to helping women. So I dropped everything and committed to photographing women of all backgrounds. I listened to their stories, learned about their struggles, and showed them their beauty. With each boudoir session, I’m reminded why this path of feminine empowerment is so important. Women walk into their sessions nervous and uncertain, and leave glowing with newfound confidence and strength. THAT is your Goddess Within, and that is why I do this.

When I’m not shooting boudoir in San Diego, you can find me at my favorite pole dance studio! Pole is my obsession and it’s a huge reason I had the courage to pursue boudoir photography. I’m planning on getting certified as an instructor, another thing to add to my female empowerment arsenal! If I’m not dancing, I’m usually working on my personal growth – journaling, meditating, spending time outside, stretching, exercising etc. I host (mostly) monthly gatherings for women to connect and support each other in ways we don’t usually get to. I’m always looking for other modalities to continue helping women feel supported and empowered, because I know it’s my purpose.



You are radiant

Just as you are

Unfortunately our society worships physical beauty – a standard of beauty that isn’t necessarily realistic for everyone, leaving the majority of us to feel unworthy and obsess over what we’re told “needs” improvement. We’re never encouraged to accept ourselves the way we are.

I’ve spent a lot of my life loathing my body and constantly comparing it to others. I always thought I’d finally love myself if I looked a certain way or lost a certain amount of weight. No matter what I looked like, those feelings never came. I don’t know about you, but I really don’t want to live the rest of my life feeling that way. I’ve recently begun to actually see and understand that beauty goes so much deeper than appearance. Instead of hating my body for the rest of my life, I’m on a mission to fully accept it, love it as it is, and appreciate it for the amazing things it does for me. And I want to help as many women do the same. So it’s really important for me to walk a path that encourages self acceptance and help guide women into empowerment. And I truly see boudoir as a way to do that by helping you see your beauty, exactly as you are.


Your beauty is not defined by your body

I wish I learned as a young girl that my self-worth isn’t determined by my body image. Many of us are still deprogramming ourselves from society’s unrealistic beauty standards. Truly, our beauty is defined by who we are, how we treat people, and what we contribute to the world. Once we harness that, I believe it can radiate beauty through us more powerfully than physical appearance ever could.


You deserve to celebrate yourself

These photos are for YOU. Right now. As you are. Not when you lose weight; not only when your partner needs a sexy Valentine’s Day gift; not when you finally feel “ready”. You are amazing and powerful and worthy and you deserve to celebrate yourself. No special occasion needed.


i want you to feel beautiful

Nothing fills me up more than helping women feel amazing about themselves and giving them the chance to feel truly beautiful. Its so easy to get caught up in comparison and self doubt, I want to give you the opportunity to fully embrace, love who you are, and feel good in your body.


You can feel how much Taylor genuinely cares

about the work she does beyond the photos. As someone who was terrified to do something like this, that sense of comfort was very important. Of course I hoped I would get photography that made me feel like a bombshell (which I absolutely did). But I didn't expect the side effect of self love that comes from working with someone who cares as deeply about women's empowerment as she does about her photography craft. I'm so grateful for the way I now see myself, both physically and emotionally, thanks to my session!”

— Danielle S.


discover Your

Goddess Within